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If you are a supplier of products or services related to metal finishing, S A Metal Finisher provides an ideal opportunity to address potential clients at very reasonable rates. Join our regular advertisers and book your space in the next issue. Advertisers also benefit from a free entry in the Buyer’s Guide section of our website. We're working on Issue 29 right now!
This edition will continue the discussion on calculating the correct price for your electroplating service.
A second area of focus will be on the Powder Coating Industry in this country, the technology, the prospects for growth, etc.
The support from suppliers of goods and services in this industry ensured that our last issue was again fully subscribed. It is this commitment that has enabled our journal to grow from strength to strength. We look forward to a fully booked publication again!
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During October 2018 we were proud to distribute Issue 28 of our popular journal. This issue continued our focus on water scarcity issues, and started a debate on methods of determining a price for plated goods. Now we have started working on the content of Issue 29 which we aim to distribute from August 1, 2019.
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Advertise in S A Metal Finisher

Join our regular advertisers and book your space in the next issue.

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