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Effluent Management & Compliance
Electroplating for Supervisors and Senior Operators

SAMFA is committed to training of staff at all levels in the metal finishing industry

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In response to growing demands placed upon the industry we have developed a customised training offering. It combines the consideration of basic health and safety commitments with a wider range of responsibilities legislated under several relevant acts including the National Environmental Management Act [NEMA].
This encompasses air and water pollution amongst other issues. Legal compliance is a crucial matter that managers have to deal with and personnel have to understand. There is a veritable mine field of legislation. Knowing which applies, who to report to, where and how, is a challenge.

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Our online Electroplating Basics course has been designed to benefit employees at any level in electroplating who need to expand their understanding of the process.
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Since 2003 when SAMFA first offered electroplating training well over 500 trainees have benefited from this initiative.   
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SAMFA’s powder coating training course has been well received by the industry. The original intention was to address the needs of powder sprayers on the floor but in practice factory owners, managers, line supervisors, sales staff and new entrants into the industry have also enrolled themselves to learn more about this fascinating subject.
More than 150 trainees have participated in this training to date. Thanks to the new format, trainees from the Cape, Gauteng and KZN regions can attend simultaneously.
Along with all of our training offerings, this popular course has been modified to be presented in online format. It will be presented whenever there is a viable number of enrollments being registered nationally.
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Effluent Treatment remains a subject that all metal finishers rate as a concern. Increasing surveillance by authorities along with steep fines for transgressors have made it imperative that companies dedicate more attention to the subject.
This revised course is based on the original 5 day course regularly offered over past years.   
These seminars address a wide range of issues related to effluent treatment and resource conservation, putting all the right people together in the right place at the right time.

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