S A Metal Finisher - Issue 29 - Powder Coating Industry Survey

S A Metal Finisher - Issue 29 Powder Coating Survey

The latest issue of our industry journal, S A Metal Finisher, has now been distributed to our surface mail subscribers and is also available on line. Links to the online version have been emailed to everyone on our database. Our journal is supported by adverts from a veritable who's who of the metal finishing industy's top suppliers. Most of our readers keep a copy close at hand for reference when they are seeking specific proprietary chemicals, plant, hardware or peripherals .
Learn more about our Industry Journal
Learn more about our Industry Journal

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Our magazine is the only one exclusively targeting businesses operating in the space that includes electroplaters, anodisers, powder coaters and other specialities that fall under the definition of metal finishing.
Amongst other things, the current issue is focused on the powder coating industry and features a fresh survey which provides great insights into the lived experience of our members in difficutl trading conditions. Please click here to join our mailing list for your free hard copy posted to your address or notification of electronic downloads when they are released. 
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