SAMFA continues to make progress with our recently launched Metal Coatings Guide project. We're producing a hybrid publication, free on line as a flip book or PDF download and at a reasonable price for a glossy printed version.

Like its predecessors, it is designed to be useful to anyone who needs up-to-date information about metal coating technologies and the availability of products and services. Let's get behind this project and drive its success!
SAMFA Metal Coating Tech Guide
SAMFA Metal Coating Tech Guide

Leverage this publication to reach your audience in metal coating

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The target readership includes consultants, design engineers, trainees, producers of metal products that require coating as well as providers of these finishes. Years after the first volumes were distributed (2008 and 2011), this work continues to be in use, proving its worth as an ideal channel to strengthen your marketing programme
The title has been changed to refer to Metal Coatings as this more closely reflects the focus of the greater part of the subject material. Additional information is regularly being made available in dedicated promotional mailers and on line.

SAMFA Metal Coatings Technical Guide - Now under Construction

Our free industry journal, S A Metal Finisher,  is now an online-only publication.The completion of the move to online has brought with it many opportunities and advantages.
S A Metal Finisher
S A Metal Finisher

All Digital Issue 30 Available Here!

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This is not simply a print copy that has been converted to a PDF compact version for the web. Rather, this issue has been designed for the web which means that the fonts and graphics sized for crisp, clear legiblity have been used.
Featuring wider distribution and lower advertising rates we have had strong support from our advertisers who recognised this effort as a value proposition that meets the  challenges of the times. To view this issue please click here.
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The companies whose logos appear below have subscribed to SAMFA’s premium class membership. These sustaining members ensure that we are in a financial position to continue to develop and to support the growth of a strong and responsible metal finishing industry in RSA.  Click here to learn more about our membership categories.
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Online Electroplating Training Course - Currently Underway

Series 9 commenced on April 5, 2024 and Series 10 is planned to launch within the next few months.   

Employers may offer the trainees the required facilities at the workplace. If employers prefer, trainees who have a suitable set up may work from home. SAMFA is able to arrange to aquire rental laptop machines at reasonable rates for the duration of the course.
We have seen that our online Electroplating Basics course has met with approval from the industry at many levels. The online system has enabled us to maintain the financial viability of training programmes.  It enables us to offer this important training despite the underlying costs continuing to escalate relentlessly. Visit the Electroplating Training info page for more.
SAMFA has demonstrated that the association is up for a challenge and able to move with the times. We have developed something that is affordable and has proven to be more enjoyable and less stressful for trainees.
Provided that trainees have access to a tablet or a notebook/laptop and a broadband connection they will be able to connect to the online video portal via a password protected dedicated link.
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With the advantage of informative feedback from trainees and employers who benefited from our conventional training sessions over the years, we were able to  redesign our content very effectively for presentation in an online format.

Trainee in on-line class

We showcase job opportunities in the electroplating industry as well as other metal coating sectors including anodising and powder coating. Let us advertise your requirements.

The South African Metal Finishing Association offers training courses and technical support to the metal coating industry. If you need advice call us.  Our members assist each other and the manufacturing engineering industry.