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Launches in Gauteng on April 24, 2014.

We are now offering a series of two day seminars based on the content of our earlier process specifics course. The seminar format includes elements of a trade show where vendors are invited to give short presentations on the latest technology.

Trainees will also be addressed by industry veterans who manage plating shops and have experience in operating systems of different types.

The theme throughout is that of an “Ask-the-Expert” opportunity, so that trainees gain a much improved understanding of specific plating systems, including the challenges they may expect to encounter in their day to day work.

We are launching with a comprehensive coverage of zinc plating of all varieties to be presented in Gauteng commencing on April 24. Click here to learn more …….

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Latest Update: Home Page updated to feature imminent training courses


2014 sessions begin in Gauteng on April 23.

More than 360 participants throughout the country have attended this popular Electroplating Theory & Practice course. Each year there are more entrants into this interesting industry as well as more existing staff members who are moved into positions of responsibility where it is vital to have a deeper understanding of the subject. We are pleased to be in a position to equip these individuals with the necessary skills to perform their work with confidence in this challenging environment. Our trainees include small business owners, senior operators, line and department managers, engineers and even sales staff.

The course material continues to keep pace with the times, and with each presentation new materials are added and improvements are made.

Questions and comments demonstrate that enhanced understanding encourages trainees to investigate improvements at work that they would not have considered before.  With today’s high operating costs the savings gained by having enlightened staff quickly offsets the costs of training. Click here to learn more about this course ……

It is not too late to enrol in our featured courses starting in Gauteng soon! You may sign up on line or download an enrolment form for completion on your PC.

These specific sessions will only be offered again in 2015. This is a final opportunity to enrol during this year.

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