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You're on the home page of the South African Metal Finishing Association. We support the electroplating,  e-coating, anodising and powder coating industries. If you have an interest in metal finishing then this site is for you. Welcome!

You are viewing the version of this site updated on June 25, 2015. Updates to member meeting notices.

The companies whose logos appear below have subscribed to SAMFA’s premium class membership. These sustaining members ensure that we are in a financial position to continue to develop and to support the growth of a strong and responsible metal finishing industry in RSA. Read more about our membership categories ..

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Industrial Spraying Systems

Starts in Johannesburg July 16 and in Cape Town on Aug 20, 2015.

As effluent treatment and resource conservation are not considered to be core functions related to production, managers often do not devote the time or effort to research the subject. Consequently money is wasted, risks are taken, rules are broken and opportunities to reduce operational costs through resource conservation are missed.

From operators who are in a position to use in-house facilities to effect necessary changes, to those that  simply want to appreciate the issues clearly, this course is tailor made to address all the important aspects.

Seminar 1 is also Session 4 of our revised Electroplating Theory and Practice course, and the follow on Seminar 2 follows is scheduled 28 days later. Click here to learn more ….  

Electroplating for Supervisors and Senior Operators

Our Electroplating Training course has been designed for the benefit of senior line operatives as well as supervisory and management staff.  

Starts in Cape Town on July 9.  If you missed out before, here is another chance!

Since launching this popular course in 2003, around 400 trainees have benefited.  

Click here for more information…..

Effluent Treatment Two Day Seminars


Issue 24 of S A Metal Finisher is now in planning for distribution during August 2014.

We invite you to take advantage of this ideal vehicle to assist with your marketing efforts in the metal finishing trade. Interested parties continue to request copies via our website ensuring that the actively managed list of addresses to which S A Metal Finisher is dispatched reflects individuals and businesses that have a genuine interest in Metal Finishing.

Click here for more detail.


Effluent Treatment remains a subject that all metal finishers rate as a concern. Increasing surveillance by authorities along with steep fines for transgressors have made it imperative that companies dedicate more attention to the subject. These seminars address a wide range of issues related to effluent treatment and resource conservation, putting all the right people together in the right place at the right time.

Effluent Seminar MetFinDetail ElectroTraining