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You're on the home page of the South African Metal Finishing Association. We support the electroplating,  e-coating, anodising and powder coating industries. If you have an interest in metal finishing then this site is for you. Welcome!

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Industrial Spraying Systems

You are viewing the version of this site updated on February 3, 2016. Response on Questions Page added.

Used and refurbished plating and process tanks from decommissioned chrome plating line for sale

4 polypropylene tanks suitable for use as rinses, cleaners or electrocleaners. Size 2000 x 1510 x 600mm wide

4 used metal plating tanks and 3 brand new PVC lined tanks. Liner is flexible W 2000 material suitable for chrome plating. Size 2000 x 1510 x 800mm wide.

Solutions have been disposed of and tanks are clean.

For further information, please contact SAMFA head office. Click here to move to contact info page.

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New Question about Heat Exchangers

Can anyone assist one of our enquirers? Here is his question:

I want to move away from heating elements to heat exchangers.

Is there a supplier out there?

Can anyone recommend a supplier?

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