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You're on the home page of the South African Metal Finishing Association. We support the electroplating,  e-coating, anodising and powder coating industries. If you have an interest in metal finishing then this site is for you. Welcome!

The companies whose logos appear below have subscribed to SAMFA’s premium class membership. These sustaining members ensure that we are in a financial position to continue to develop and to support the growth of a strong and responsible metal finishing industry in RSA. Read more about our membership categories ..

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Industrial Spraying Systems

You are viewing the version of this site updated on November 25, 2015. Updated status of regional meetings. Change of KZN start time.

Redundant Nickel and Bronze Plating Solutions for Sale

Used plating solutions for sale. Gauteng Region. Details as follows:

Ni-Sulphamate - 180g/l nickel - 4000 lt @ ~R95 per lt

Nickel standard solution - 96 g/l Ni - 10,000 lt ~R20 per lt

Bronze plating solution - 30,000 lt - ~ R10 per lt

Please click here for further information.



Distribution of S A Metal Finisher Issue 24 has now been completed. Copies have been posted to all addresses on our database.

A PDF download  as well as a Flip Book version is available right now. Click here to access.

The next issue of our journal is already being planned for circulation in March 2016. We are planning something special as this will be Issue 25.

SAMFA Year End meetings in JHB and KZN

Our Cape Region had their year end meeting on November 12 and the Gauteng Region had theirs on November 19. The final meeting of the year will be in KZN on December 3.

This time we organised to have live demonstrations of 3D printers at our venues in all regions, and we can report that this was a great success both in Cape Town and in Johannesburg. We are sure we will have the same interest in KZN.

Click here for full details on KZN.

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