SAMFA is committed to training of staff at all levels in the metal finishing industry
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SAMFA is committed to training of staff at all levels in the metal finishing industry
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Health, Safety & Enviro-Legal Compliance
In response to growing demands placed upon the industry we have developed a brand new training offering. It combines the consideration of basic health and safety commitments with a wider range of responsibilities legislated under several relevant acts including the National Environmental Management Act [NEMA].t
This encompasses air and water pollution amongst other issues. Legal compliance is a crucial matter that managers have to deal with and personnel have to understand. There is a veritable mine field of legislation. Knowing which applies, who to report to, where and how, is a challenge. Click here to learn more about this course.
Electroplating for Supervisors and Senior Operators
Our 5 Day Electroplating Training course has been designed for the benefit of senior line operatives as well as supervisory and management staff. 
This training is offered every year and is now being offered again in 2017. 
Since 2003 when this this popular course was launched 450 trainees have enrolled.  
This training will kick off in Gauteng on June 1, followed by the other provinces. Register your interest. Click here for more details.
Powder Coating Training  Entry Level Training
SAMFA’s powder coating training course has been well received by the industry. The original intention was to address the needs of powder sprayers on the floor but in practice factory owners, managers, line supervisors, sales staff and new entrants into the industry have also enrolled themselves to learn more about this fascinating subject.
More than 120 trainees have participated in this training to date. The course is presented in the Cape, Gauteng and KZN regions whenever there is sufficient demand.
Most recently this training was offered in Cape Town between Oct 12 and Nov 10, 2016.
These courses are being offered again during 2017.
Click here for more details on this course
Anodising  Two Day Seminar
This development in the SAMFA training lineup was presented for the first time during 2014. Created in response to requests from our members in the anodising field it was developed with their valued cooperation.
To date, there have not been many opportunities for persons entering the anodising industry to gain a broader understanding of the technical and other issues via formal course offerings, and this initiative seeks to address that. It must be true to say that new entrants are joining anodising companies every year, some with no experience or background knowledge at all.
It is the purpose of this course to provide important background knowledge that will improve their overall understanding of what is expected of them in their work environment. Like our other courses this content is aimed at a broad spectrum of interested parties.
This includes small business owners, senior operators, line and department managers, engineers and even sales staff.
Click here for more details on this course
Management Training Seminars
During 2012,  SAMFA commenced with the development of management seminars to build on our existing training programmes. These seminars may span a couple of days and will be spaced in such a way as to be convenient for our trainees. New material related to hands on management issues is now available, and these seminars will be staged dependant on interest expressed by companies.
Effluent Management and Compliance
Effluent Treatment remains a subject that all metal finishers raauthorities te as a concern. Increasing surveillance by along with steep fines for transgressors have made it imperative that companies dedicate more attention to the subject. These seminars address a wide range of issues related to effluent treatment and resource conservation, putting all the right people together in the right place at the right time. Click here for further information .....
Electroplating Follow on Seminars
Process Specifics
In response to inquiries from the regions, we are offering a series of two day seminars based on the content of our earlier process specifics course. Originally presented as a follow on to the entry level electroplating course it has now been remodelled in the new seminar format to which it is more suited.
It covers the specifics of the most common processes practiced in electroplating shops around the country.
Delegates may elect to attend any one of several seminars that are being offered. The first of these was dedicated to zinc plating in all its guises, including passivates and seals. Subjects are covered in intimate depth, with various industry experts addressing the trainees, answering questions and providing tips and tricks to achieve maximised performance. The next sessions will be dedicated to Nickel and Chrome Plating. Other processes will be covered later.
Details will be posted here when these sessions are planned.
Electroplating Workshop Management
This proposed seminar has been under consideration for many years. Most courses focus on the various plating processes,  the management of process solutions, and techniques to produce a satisfactory product.
However, supervisors and managers are expected to understand the workings of a wide range of peripheral equipment. Starting with the actual tanks, their construction and maintenance through to rectifiers, heating systems, pumps and filtration, solution agitation systems, rinsing technology, ventilation and extraction as well as quality control equipment and instruments.
The aim of this course is to enable the manager to consider issues from a holistic perspective. By examining all these things more critically, and sharing ideas, it is almost certain that delegates will find avenues to reduce operating costs.The tricky subject of realistic costing of services will also be covered. 
The content will be spread over two sessions. Click here to view further details.