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Buyer's Guide  Index
This is the index page of the South African Metal Finishing Association Buyer's Guide. From here you can link to product category pages listing chemistry, hardware and consumables required in all metal finishing operations. If you are looking for a reputable supplier for your electroplating, anodizing, hot dip galvanizing, powder coating or liquid paint coating requirements, this is the place to check.
Link to Buyers Guide Metal Finishing Chemistry and Consumables

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Link to Plant and Equipment providers

Link to Health and Safety Requisites
Link to liquid and powder paint coating requisites

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Link to specialist supplies - rectifiers, heaters, pumps, etc

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Link to redundant chemical stocks

SAMFA Sustaining Members

The members whose logos appear below have subscribed to SAMFA's premium class membership, and are known as "sustaining members".

This class of membership was introduced to assist SAMFA in funding  development of industry training programmes. These companies that are contributing the higher premium are doing so totally voluntarily because of their committment to metal finishing in South Africa. We encourage you to support our sustaining members as they help sustain the association. Click/tap here to learn more about our classes of membership and the subscription rate.
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