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Home Page
You're on the home page of the South African Metal Finishing Association. We support the electroplating,  e-coating, anodising and powder coating industries. If you have an interest in metal finishing then this site is for you. Welcome!
Our year end edition of S A Metal Finisher, Issue 27, has been posted. If you do not have your copy yet, it should reach you soon. We are sure that you will find this new issue topical and interesting.
This issue is focussed on South Africa's water scarcity and just how serious our widespread water crisis is. Right now in the Cape the level of water in our biggest dams has fallen to unprecedented lows. We have included submissions from industry experts and provided input on practical measures that can be or have been implemented by businesses in our sector to conserve water.
Every citizen is changing the way they think about water.

This issue is now available on line. Please click here to go to the download page or click the cover image to start a PDF download.
The companies whose logos appear below have subscribed to SAMFA’s premium class membership. These sustaining members ensure that we are in a financial position to continue to develop and to support the growth of a strong and responsible metal finishing industry in RSA.
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S A Metal Finisher - Distribution Issue 27Starts Soon
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Thanks to our advertisers on whom we rely for support this initiative is once again an unqualified success. If you are not on our mailing list, click here to sign up.
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