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S A Metal Finisher - Issue 28 - Get your Free Copy

S A Metal Finisher - Issue 28 Get your Free Copy

Our Association is involved at many levels in the metal finishing industry. The most efficient way of keeping up to date with our current activities is to read through our journal. It is an accurate reflection of regional meetings that have been held together with reports on interactions we have had with organisations who offer assistance and advice to our sector. In addition we report on metal finishing training programmes that we have presented in the regions.  
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S A Metal Finisher is a quick informative read written in concise plain English. Our strong advertising support base ensures that this publication is a veritable who's who featuring the important players in the metal finishing space showcasing the latest technology and chemistry.
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Free copies of S A Metal Finisher
Free copies of S A Metal Finisher

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Complete Electroplating Plant for Sale

image plating plant
Plating window 1000 x 700 mm deep
Automated Dosing System
Automatic Temp and Level Control
Vapour Extraction on Applicable Baths
Fully Automated - Double Flight Bar
Cycle Time - 12 to 15 minutes
Four Plating Baths
plus Passivation Baths

Location: Cape Town
Contact: Simon Ledgerwood
021 959 7201
083 308 6653
or Contact SAMFA for more details

Complete Electroplating Plant for Sale

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