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You're on the home page of the South African Metal Finishing Association. We support the electroplating,  e-coating, anodising and powder coating industries. If you have an interest in metal finishing then this site is for you. Welcome!

Industrial Spraying Systems

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The companies whose logos appear below have subscribed to SAMFA’s premium class membership. These sustaining members ensure that we are in a financial position to continue to develop and to support the growth of a strong and responsible metal finishing industry in RSA. Read more about our membership categories ….

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New one day Compact Effluent Treatment Seminars starting now!

Effluent Treatment remains a subject that all metal finishers rate as a concern. Increasing surveillance by authorities along with steep fines for transgressors has made it imperative that companies dedicate more attention to the subject. The seminars address the most important issues related to effluent treatment and resource conservation, putting the right people together in the right place at the right time.

These dedicated conferences were originally designed as two day offerings. Experience taught us that the critical issues of most concern can be covered in a compact version of the course in a single day, reducing the cost to the employer. This new compact option is due for presentation in Gauteng on Thursday, August 18 and in Cape Town on Sept 7. Click here for more info.

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Effluent Seminar Membership